Paul Bose


I am a research fellow in Economics at Bocconi University and a PhD candidate at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tinbergen Institute under the joint supervision of Dana Sisak and Olivier Marie. I am working on topics in Applied Microeconomics, with a focus on Political Economy.

In my job market paper, I explore questions surrounding the selection of policies and politicians making use of causal methods combined with text analysis on large scale data from social media and legislative documents. In particular I investigate the causal effect of loss of trust in government and its role in the provision of public goods as well as on the selection of politicians. In a second paper in my PhD thesis I explore the role of competition changes on the entry of politicians regarding their quality and identity.



Office: 2b104, Via Guglielmo Röntgen, 1, 20136 Milano MI

Title photo by: Michelle Muus ©Erasmus School of Economics